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Moroccan Inspired Crochet Votive/Jar Cosy Pattern

image of Moroccan inspired crochet votive jar cosy
image of Moroccan inspired crochet votive and jar cosy with lit candles
 The initial source of inspiration for my new design for a crochet votive/jar cosy all started with this...
A beautiful porcelain votive bought for me by my husband at a local garden centre. The pretty design is on one side while my name is on the other...
image of pretty porcelain votive
This design is so simple, and produces a lovely light reflected pattern.
It reminded me of the beautiful Moroccan lamps which I adore but sadly don't possess...yet! Their spectacular reflective light displays, colours and patterns are stunning. I absolutely love them.
image of lit Moroccan lamps
 I wanted to incorporate this inspirational element into my votive design.
 Islamic art uses symmetrical and geometric patterns, both monochrome and colourful to produce the most incredibly jaw dropping and very inspirational work ranging from mosaics to architecture. If you love quilting, making afghans, interior design, or are a surface pattern designer then take a look at the visual delights over on Google images. Search Islamic art then click on images and enjoy!! It's given me lots of ideas for new designs. Here are just a few of my favourite things... 
image of beautiful patterns in Islamic art and architecture
There is also the most wonderful site called Pattern in Islamic Art which is a treasure trove of images with additional historical and background information about the subject. If you're into pattern, colour and design then it's a must-see!
image of black crochet votive cosy
image of votives showing different ways of making the base
Inspired by my porcelain votive I wanted to create a design to incorporate a Moroccan feel, so I used black Egyptian crochet cotton yarn (using a 1.5mm hook) to cover a coloured votive. At the rim of the votive I've added an arched border just like the ones found in Islamic architecture (see photos above). If this isn't to your taste I've produced a variety of  cosies, using the same pattern to give different results with varying yarns (the clear jar has thicker black cotton yarn), jars, colours, and borders.
You could add a variety of embellishments like ribbons and buttons to add that personal touch, and have them for different uses at home or to brighten up an office desk.
image of embellished jar cosy containing scissors
image of crochet cosy jars with crochet hooks and scissors inside
My preferred yarn for this project is fine crochet cotton...I just think they look better, especially if the jar or votive is quite small - but you can use any type of yarn depending on the look you're trying to achieve and the size of the jar or votive.
I would say this is an easy pattern for a beginner to follow, as there is no decreasing where the jar neck and base narrow, it's made in one flat rectangular piece which is then folded and slip stitched to join the two edges together to complete. As long as the initial chain fits snugly around the base of your votive or jar the pattern allows the work to stretch around the widest part.

I'll be showing you how to create the 'vintage' style votive with the cream yarn because the stitches are clearer to see than the black yarn...we've had lots of dull grey days here of late in the U.K which made it tricky to photograph the work in low light conditions.

Moroccan Inspired Crochet Votive/Jar Cosy Pattern 
(written in U.K. crochet terms).
ch - chain.
st - stitch
sl st - slip stitch
dc - double crochet (U.S. terms sc - single crochet).
tr - treble crochet (U.S. terms dc - double crochet)
tr3tog - treble 3 together (U.S. terms dc3tog - double crochet 3 together)
(yarn over, insert hook into st, pull up a loop, yarn over pull through two loops on hook, *yarn over, insert hook into next st, pull up a loop, yarn over pull through two loops on hook*, repeat * to * one more time then yarn over and pull through all four remaining loops on hook).

Foundation Chain
The foundation chain should be made in multiples of  8 chains plus two extra chains (1 for turning, and 1 for an extra dc at the end). For this one I chained 66 (8 pattern sections of 8 sts = 64 + 2 extra). For the coloured votive with black yarn I made a foundation chain of 58 (7 pattern sections of 8 sts = 56 + 2 extra). Make sure it's a snug fit!

Row 1
This is where you could adapt the pattern to best suit your votive/jar. For my tall jar (turquoise yarn) I crocheted 4 rows of dc, and just 1 for all the rest. (Now I think I prefer 2 rows of dc as it gives the cosy more of a solid neater edge - see photo of purple and blue votive above). Do whichever you prefer.
Starting in 2nd ch from hook make a dc in each ch along. Ch 1 turn.
image of row 1 complete

Row 2 - pattern row (1)
Dc in 2nd ch from hook. *Ch 3, skip 3 sts, 3tr's in next st, ch 3, skip 3 sts, dc in next st.*
Repeat * to * another 7 times (or for however many pattern sections you have). Ch 1 turn.
image of row 2 - pattern row (1)
image of row 2 - pattern row (1) completed
Here you can see the 8 sections of Pattern row (1)
Row 3 - dc row
Dc into 1st st, *make 3 dc in next ch-3 space, 1 dc in the top of each tr, 3 dc in ch-3 space, ch 1*. Repeat * to * along the row ending with a dc in the last st omitting the ch 1. Ch 1 turn.
Row 3 - dc along the row
image of row 3 complete
Do not dc into the top of the dc from the previous row - instead ch 1 then work 3 dc's into the next ch space.

Row 4 - pattern row (2)
Dc in 1st st. * Ch 3, skip 3 sts, in next st start a tr3tog, ch 3, skip 3 sts, dc in next ch space* Repeat * to * to the end of row. Ch 1 turn.
image of working a tr3tog crochet stitch
image of tr3tog stitch completed
image of row 4 - pattern row (2) complete

Row 5 - dc row
Dc in 1st st, *3 dc in next ch-3 space, dc into the top of the tr3tog st (put hook under the two loops at the top of the st), 3 dc in ch-3 space, ch 1*. Repeat * to * to the end of row. Dc in last st - omitting the last ch 1. Ch 1 turn.
image of row 5 complete

Repeat rows 2 to 5 till you've reached the desired length and always end on a pattern row (2) followed by a dc row.
image of main section of crochet work complete

Next row
This row gives the work a nice straight edge. Dc in each st and ch 1 space along the row. Ch 1 turn.
image of crochet work with extra dc row

If you have a jar which has a narrower neck then crochet rows of dc until you reach the top of the jar. For my tall jar (turquoise yarn), and the clear jar with thicker black cotton yarn (see below) I crocheted an additional 2 rows of dc to form a solid band around the neck of the jar. You could finish the cosy here, or alternatively you could finish with the arched edging around the top, if so, then ch 1 turn.
image of crochet jar cosy

Arch Border
1st Row
Dc into the 1st st. *Ch 4, skip three sts, make a dc in the next st*. Repeat * to * till end of row. Ch 1 turn.
image of 1st row of arch border

2nd Row
Dc in the first st. *In the next ch-4 space work 3 dc's, ch 2, 3 dc's*. Repeat * to * along the row. Finish with a dc in the last st.

image of 2nd row of arch, the last worked row of pattern

Fold your crochet piece in half (with right side facing you) so that you can work a dc into the very first dc you made at the beginning of this row (see below).

image of folding and joining the work together
Now turn the work inside out so you can sl st the two sides together. Make your sl sts loose so that the work will stretch along the seam when placed on the votive or jar.
Ch 1, the sl st all the way along making sure you sl st into the corresponding rows of both sides. Make a dc in the last st. Fasten off and weave in ends.
image of two edges joined with sl sts

I'll be making and sharing with you some stripy cosies hopefully sometime in the not too distant future...I need to do some more yarn shopping first! Plus I have another cosy design in my head that I need to get cracking on with.
If you do decide to give these a whirl and would like to share with others then I would appreciate that you link back to me and credit me as the original designer. 
I hope you enjoy making them as much as I have - happy crafting!

image of crochet cosy jars with hearts
 I love to create and design my own crochet patterns which I am so happy to share with you for free, but as I am sure you can appreciate all the hard work that goes into the initial design process of the pattern and time it takes to prepare a comprehensive and easy to follow photo-tutorial. I hope you like them, and if you have been inspired to follow my design you would consider making a donation which would help support future Amjaylou crochet projects.

Thank you so much for your generosity, it is very much appreciated

Wishing you a very happy, and COSY Valentines Day!


  1. These are very pretty and I like your inspiration with the Moroccan lamps, I like your ones with the hearts and the pencils and so on in best!! xx

  2. Lovely Lovely Lovely and you made so many - you've been hard at work! I love these - they are beautiful.

  3. These are fabulous! Well done you and thank you for sharing the pattern with us too. I went through a phase where everything was Moroccan in our house, I so love morocco and especially their lamps! Beautiful xoxo

  4. I am in the process of making one of these for my sons teachers valentines gift & I love the look I want to keep it for myself! I will be making me a set of these very soon:) is it ok to share your link in my crochet group?

    1. I'm so delighted you like it. Yes absolutely - please feel free to share my link with your crochet group.
      I'd love to see your cosies... you can link them to my project page over at Ravelry.

  5. I'm sorry it's taken me a few days of catch-up to make it here, but I'm so glad I'm here! As always, your creativity amazes me - you find inspiration in the most interesting places! I love love love these votives, you are so clever...the dark yarn with the jewel tones peeking through - incredible! These would be lovely as a centrepiece for a themed dinner party...thank you sooooo much for the tutorial! Chrissie x

  6. They are stunning, Amanda! Love the black pattern over the coloured jar. And the pattern must have taken lots of time and effort-well done you.

  7. This is such a great idea. They actually look like the Moroccan lamps! Loved your tutorial. Love from India.

  8. They are beautiful, I think I might have a go myself.

  9. This is my first visit and I'm amazed at your wonderful multi-talents - love your votives and thanks so much for the pattern. Thanks also for your lovely message at my place - now I've found you and am happily following! Joy x

  10. Hello! Your inspiration and interpretation is super and spot on too! I love the effect of the holders once the candles are lit, it really come to life! xxxx


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